Meet Bobby Kazemi. designer of the successful 6 Week Transformation programme. 

When Bobby moved to New Zealand as a teen, he studied Sports Science and Majored in Exercise and Nutrition.  After he graduated, he took the opportunity to live in America for a while, working as a personal trainer.  When he came back to Auckland, he did a local personal training course in Albany - where the whole idea of having his own studio really started to come to light. 

While he was doing the course, he got himself a substantial bank loan, locked in a lease and set up a studio for himself. Even to this day, his very first client is doing the BK Transformers programme! 

In 2010, Bobby competed in his first bodybuilding competition - and won. He never had any intention to start bodybuilding but had some encouragement from a friend at the time who was a competitive bodybuilder. 

Bobby became the new person on the fitness scene and gained notoriety in NZ bodybuilding forums. With this, came questions. Everyone wanted to know what he was eating, how he was training and what kind of lifestyle he had. 

So, he set out to build the Bobby Kazemi gym we know today. 

His passion for health and fitness was fuelled into creating a gym environment that was free from judgement and a place where people feel comfortable to push themselves physically and emotionally. 

You’ll see him around the gym often, making sure everyone feels supported and encouraged on their transformation journey. 

“There’s a lot of people who are intimidated by lifting weights, doing workout programs, going to the gym. I want to show them that it’s so simple and not complicated. I want to make sure people understand that. Nutrition and fitness can be readily available for everyone, but you’ve got to make the first move.” 

Bobby’s transformation programme has helped over hundreds of New Zealanders transform their bodies and minds. 

“It’s about making tiny little incremental improvements achieved by creating good habits on a daily basis, which can add up to amazing proportions. The key is patience, trust in the process and believe in your mission. Don’t rush things and embrace the journey itself. Remember, you are building something that might take a long time but will have a strong foundation that will last a lifetime.”