Burn Fitness respects your privacy and cares about the confidentiality of the the information you provide or we may gather about you. This privacy policy explains the details of our privacy policy and how it applies to you.

What Information Is Collected?

The information collected depends on the circumstances. For example, if you are signing up for a membership we may ask for your personal details including name and date of birth, home address, postal address, email address, emergency contact details and mobile phone numbers. We may also ask for and collect your drivers license, student ID or passport number where this is used to identify you. When visiting our website, then we may routinely collect other information such as the IP address you are visiting from, your browsing history on our site and other metrics relating to the website activity. In terms of when you visit the gym, we may collect video or audio surveillance and information related to the activity of your swipe card (i.e. your visit information). We are required by law to obtain your consent for the collection of sensitive data and will assume that you have consented to the collection of this information which is provided in the course of signing up for a membership in accordance with this statement.

We may also collect notes and other information relating to your behavior and history as a member including but not limited to any entry breaches (where you deliberately let a non member into the gym), non compliance with club rules such as dropping weights or any anti-social or unusual activity or behavior which we may need to monitor for the safety and security of all members and staff. This information may be collected when we review the camera footage which is recorded 24 hours a day, or through visual observation in the gym or from comments or complaints from other members verbally or through other electronic means such as email or SMS.

We utilise an SMS system at Burn Fitness that enables us to SMS you from the facility which you can then reply to. These SMS are kept in a separate secure online database and may be kept indefinitely. In the case of members that are not complying with club rules and may require a final warning in regards to behavior which is inconsistent with our club rules, we may send and keep these warnings via any permanent means such
as SMS, email or letter.

How We Use Your Personal Information

We collect your personal information for the following reasons (including but not limited to):

(1) Processing membership applications whether they be for paid memberships or trial memberships.
(2) Managing and administering the memberships in terms of their financial status.
(3) The actual software that controls the access control system permitting you to access the gym depending on your membership status.
(4) To conduct marketing activities and general market research such as sending SMS, Email or Letters to the contact details provided (not including the emergency contact).
(5) To respond to online enquiries, email enquiries, telephone enquiries or face-to-face enquiries in person inside the gym or at other external locations such as during promotional events.
(6) For the general operation of the Burn 24HR Fitness facility.

Please note: We do NOT share your information with any third parties for their marketing purposes and never will in the future. Any personal information you provide to us is only used internally and is only accessible to Burn Fitness management and staff and limited third parties such as the provider of our membership information system in the course of their administration of such systems.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

The extent to which information is disclosed to third parties depends on the type of membership you are applying for. In the case of weekly billed memberships through Debitsuccess you are actually entering in a contract with Debitsuccess and therefore they have their own separate privacy policy which you should acquaint yourself with. For annuals or term memberships where you are paying Burn Fitness directly, your personal
details are not shared with Debitsuccess.

However, all memberships are entered into our membership management software system which is accessible to Burn Fitness employees and management only, but may also be accessed for administration, maintenance and support purposes by the provider of this software. This company does need from time to time, to access our membership database and may in the course of providing support for the software be exposed to your personal
information. This is limited to the support staff of this company Clubware New Zealand, which is a wholly owned division of Debitsuccess.

Sending of Marketing Communications

As mentioned in our privacy policy, we may send existing or past expired members marketing communications to the contact details you have provided either during the term of your membership or after it has expired to advise that the membership needs renewing. We may also send marketing communications to your contact details provided such as email, mobile phone (sms) or letters to your home or work address after your membership has expired with offers or communications.

At all times however, should you not wish to be contacted any further by any specific contact method you may advise us in email to service@burnfitness.co.nzand we will cease any further contact by this method. You may also opt out of any contact whatsoever in the case of a member who does not have a current membership.

Opting out of Email Communications

In the case of email communications, we will generally endeavour to provide an easy opt out method by way of a link that can be clicked on inside the email we have sent to you allowing you to easily opt out of future communications. You may also contact use directly to opt out of email or other methods of communication according to your preferences.

Providing Information to Law Enforcement Agencies

We may at the legal request of New Zealand or International law enforcement agencies be obliged to disclose your personal information at their specific request for immigration, customs or law enforcement reasons. We may also be required to provide your personal information to local enforcement agencies where this is necessary for the safety and well being of members or staff in special circumstances or investigations where it is suspected or known that someone has acted in an illegal or suspicious manner and this would have to be sanctioned and approved by the General Manager. For example, we might provide a members personal information to the New Zealand Police where it is suspected that member has been involved in illegal activity.

Access to your Personal Information

We absolutely will on your request provide access to the information we have about you, unless there are exceptions applying under the National Privacy Principles including for the purpose of correction and updating that information.

We may have to notify you of the costs involved for recovering this information and propose a quotation for this which you may accept or decline.

We will process this request for your personal in a reasonable time frame in accordance with the law.

Any refusal to provide this information will be accompanied with the specific reason and specifically under which National Privacy Principles this request would contravene.

Failure to Provide Accurate Personal Information

It is very important that the personal information you provide to use is up to date and accurate so that we can communicate with you about the various products and services that we are offering and to inform you of important updates and news regarding the facility which may include important safety information or notices of disruption to service due to maintenance or other activities.

If the personal information we hold about you is found to be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date please contact use so that we can update this information.

Information Security

As part of our committment to your privacy we will do the following to protect your personal information:

(1) We will employ and deploy appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures to protect your personal information from unauthorised disclosure, access, loss, misuse or alteration.
(2) We will limit access to your personal information only to the management of Burn Fitness and any staff or contractors that are trained and expected to be involved with the on boarding (signing up) of new members or the administration and customer service of those members. We will not for example, provide access to your personal information to staff that do not require it such as cleaning staff or third party contractors who are not expected to provide customer service.
(3) Keeping your personal information only for as long as the law required.
(4) Subject to applicable New Zealand laws, take reasonable steps to destroy and otherwise de-identify your personal information should it be considered not required for the original purpose it was collected.
(5) Protect your personal information by taking reasonable steps in regards to compliance with industry best compliance standards which may
change and evolve over time.

Concerns About Your Privacy

Should you wish to get access to your personal information or you have a complaint about a suspected breach of your privacy or any other questions related to your privacy we would ask that you use the contact details below of the Burn Fitness management.

Changes To This Privacy Policy

This policy may be amended as the law changes or business requirements change. Any changes will be automatically updated on our website so we recommend you visit our website periodically to make sure you are aware of our latest privacy policy.