Everything we do is about you and your goals. We believe that physical strength, health and fitness are the key ingredients needed to create the best, most authentic and efficient version of you. A healthy and strong body houses a healthy and strong mind allowing you to get out there and face the world with immense drive and pure optimism.

We believe that getting in amazing physical shape should be fun and enjoyable. It should also be uncomplicated and readily available to everyone.


We have created a supportive and uniquely designed space for you to achieve your goals. We also design result producing, easy to follow (and adhere to) programmes.

We do this via smart physical training and real food nutrition, with a strong emphasis on education. Our focus is to provide a place with positive vibes, friendly atmosphere and continuous support making sure you are in a fail proof environment to achieve what you desire. 


By joining our gym you will be working towards your goals alongside others in an energetic, supportive and fun environment.

The gym is purposely built for strength training, functional cardiovascular training, conditioning and general all around fitness. With a massive selection of quality resistance training, cardio equipment and free weights.

There's also an awesome 25 meter sled track located in the middle of the gym, plus a weight lifting platform, boxing bags down in the studio and so on. Everything you need to get a complete workout, whatever your goals, age, beginner or very experienced, all the tools are provided.

We also provide group fitness classes, like kickboxing, yoga and pump. All available to you with your standard gym membership. 

And lastly, our flagship transformation programmes, designed for you and your goals. Such as our ever popular and successful 6 Week Transformation programme which will take care of all your training and nutrition needs to achieve amazing results in 6 Weeks. 

Our place is run by passionate and knowledgeable personal trainers and owned by a personal trainer Bobby Kazemi. We all live and breathe this thing. All of us are here to work for you and ensure you achieve exactly what you want and need.

Meet Bobby Kazemi